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Formes Fonctionnelles et Paramétrisation dans les MCEG
Nabil Annabi, John Cockburn, Bernard Decaluwé

This study focused on the choice of functional forms and their parametrization (estimation of free parameters and calibration of other parameters) in the context of CGE models. Various types of elasticities are defined, followed by a presentation of the functional forms most commonly used in these models and various econometric methods for estimating their free parameters. Following this presentation of the theoretical framework, we review parameter estimates used in the literature. This brief literature review was carried out to be used as a guideline for the choice of parameters for CGE models of developing countries.

Functional Forms and Parametrization of CGE Models (PDF Download Available).
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To cite this article : Annabi, N., Cockburn, J., & Decaluwé, B. (2003). Formes Fonctionnelles et Paramétrisation dans les MCEG. CRÉFA, Université Laval.

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